Grammatical Usage of Euroseo And Eurosseo

Grammatical Usage of Euroseo And Eurosseo – Grammatical Usage of (으)로서 and (으)로써 Have you ever heard “(으)로서 (Euroseo)” and “(으)로써 (Eurosseo)” in Korean conversation? Surely someone has heard them before or even often, right? But do you understand the grammatical concepts of “(으)로서 (Euroseo)” and “(으)로써 (Eurosseo)”, what they mean and how to apply them in Korean conversation? These grammars may look similar, but they are certainly different. So, to know the difference, let’s see the following explanation.

Grammatical Usage of Euroseo And Eurosseo
Grammatical Usage of Euroseo And Eurosseo

A. “(으)로서 (Euroseo) grammar”

The grammar “(으)로서 (Euroseo)” is a particle that expresses a position or status “As”. The formula is: Noun + (으)로서

Example Sentences:

1. 학생으로서 열심히공부해 야한다. (Haksaengeuroseo yeolsimhi gongbuhaeyahanda). As a student, I have to study hard.

2. 동생으로서 형/누나를 존중해 야한다. (Dongsaengeuroseo hyeong/nunareul jonjunghaeyahanda). As a younger sibling, you should respect your older brother/sister

3. 자식으로서 부모의 말을 잘 들야어 한다. (Jasikeuroseo bumoei mareul jal deuroyahanda). As a child, you should listen to what your parents say.

4. 사람으로서 서로 도와주고 살아야한다. (Sarameuroseo seoro dowajugo sarayahanda). As humans, we must help each other.

B. Grammar (으)로써 (Eurosseo)

The grammar (으)로써 (Eurosseo) means “of/with”. The formula is: Noun, verb + (-(으)로써)

Functions of (으)로써:

1. A particle that expresses the basic material or raw material of an object. Example sentences are: 콩으로써 템페를 만들었다. (Kongeurosseo tempereul mandeureottda). I made Tempeh from beans

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2. A particle to express how to do something. Example sentences are: 낮잠을 잠으로써 피로가 풀렸다.

(Najjameul jameurosseo piroga pullyeottda). I relieve my fatigue by taking a nap.)

3. A particle to show a unit of time. Example sentences are: 운전면허 시험에 떨어진 것이 이번으로써 세 번째다. (Unjeonmyeonheo siheom-e tteoreojin geosi ibeoneurosseo se beonjjaeda). This is the third time I failed (did not pass) the driver’s license exam.

Other Example Sentences:

4. 칼로써 무를 썬다. (Kallosseo mureul sseonda). Cutting radish with a knife.

5. 우표를 수집한지 10년째로써 약 1천개의 우표가 수집되었다. (Upyeoreul sujibhanji 10 nyeonjjaerosseo yak 1 cheongaeei upyoga sujibdweeottda). It’s been 10 years since I collected stamps, and about 1,000 stamps have been collected.

6. 친환경 차량을 보급함으로써 환경 보호에 기여한다. (Chinhwangyeong charyangeul bogeubhameurosseo hwan-gyeong boho-e giyeohanda). Contribute to environmental protection by distributing environmentally friendly vehicles.

Are you familiar with the grammatical usage of (으)로서 (Euroseo) and (으)로써 (Eurosseo) above? You can try making your own sentences using the grammar above in the comment section below.

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