Dorok Hada Korean Grammar

Dorok Hada Korean Grammar – Grammar Usage of 도록 하다 Have you ever heard a Korean conversation that includes the word “도록 하다 (Dorok hada)”? And are you familiar with the meaning and grammatical usage of “도록 하다 (Dorok hada)”? The following is an explanation of the usage of the Korean grammar 도록 하다 (Dorok hada).

Dorok Hada Korean Grammar
Dorok Hada Korean Grammar

Grammar of 도록 하다 (Dorok hada)

The grammar “도록 하다 (Dorok hada)” means “in order”. This grammar is used to instruct someone or suggest something. See the sentence formation below.

Word Formation Formula:

Verb + (도록 하다)

쉬다 ~> 쉬도록 하다

쓰다 ~> 쓰도록 하다


For positive verbs (긍정): 도록 하다

For negative verbs (부정): 지 말도록 하다

Only used in imperative and propositional sentences. Cannot be preceded by grammar (아/어서). Example:
기침이 심해서 약을 먹도록 하세요. (Gichimi simhaeseo yak-eul meokdorok haseyo). Since your cough is severe, take some medicine. (X)

기침이 심하니까 약을 먹도록 하세요. (Gichimi simhanika yakeul meokdorok haseyo). Since you have a bad cough, take some medicine. (O)

When instructed to do something, – 도록 하겠습니다 can be used in the answer, meaning that the listener will follow the instruction. Example:

가 : 기말시험을 잘 봐야 진급할 수 있으니까 열심히 공부하도록 하세요. (gimalsiheomeul jal bwaya jin’geubhal su isseunika yeolsimhi gongbu hadorok haseyo). You have to take the final exam well in order to get promoted, so please study hard.

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나 : 네, 열심히 공부하도록 하겠습니다. (ne yeolsimhi gongbu hadorok hagesseumnida). (Okay, I’ll study hard)

Example Sentences:

소영이 고향에서 온 친구를 자기 집에 머물도록 했다. (soyoung makes sure her friend from her hometown stays at her house)

교수님께서 승현에게 이 주제로 리포트를 쓰도록 하셨다. (The professor asked Seunghyeon to write a report on this title)

쓰레기는 반드시 분리배출을 하도록 합시다. (Let’s make sure the garbage is sorted and disposed of.)

How is it? Is the above explanation easy enough to learn? Now you understand the grammar concept of “도록 하다 (Dorok hada)” better, right? Try making a sentence with the grammar above in the comment section. Have fun practicing.

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